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Rent-a-Roadie is a company designed to cater to venues and events up to 500 people and where stage and/or house space is limited.Don't be misled by the size of this company,Rent-A-Roadie offers just as good a service as a larger company without the hassels and inflated cost due to the high overhead of a large company.Here at Rent-A-Roadie only top name products are in our inventory.Rent-A-Roadie is very professional and take every event no matter the size seriously. Rent-A-Roadie is located near Florence SC.,where interstate I-95 and I-20 intersect.This makes it a great location to serve the entire southeast,although not limited to just the southeast.Rent-A-Roadie has been in business for 15 years.Senior production and event manager (Carlos H.Webb Jr.) has 32 years of service.Any questions? Contact Rent-A-Roadie at 843-493-5344 / 843-687-5535 or Thanks for your time and have a nice day!