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A quick general discription of the Front of house sound system is as follows.The system shall be of professional grade. The system shall consist of 20 mic inputs,2 stereo line inputs (CD,tape),4 stereo aux returns,6 aux sends (4 prefade for stage monitor sends,2 postfade for effects sends), 4 submasters,Left and right mains with 31 band EQs,compressor/limiters and crossover. Reverb,delay,noise gates and compressor/limiters are available via sends/returns and inserts.Power amps shall powerful enough to push 2-18inch speakers,2-15inch speakers,1-2inch horn per side. Less is used if need be.CD player is provided for walkup and break music.Microphones,DIs,mic stands and all cables are provided as well.This sound system requires four 20 amp AC circuits of clean power with earth-ground.(edison 3-prong plug)Although a single phase 220 power source within 100 feet of stage is best.Rent-a-roadie provides 100 feet of 220 feeder cable.(Anything over 100 feet will require advanced notice). 220 power source must be able to supply 50 amps per leg of clean power to ensure event confidence.Why so much? Most events are powered by 220 source alone.House PA,stage monitors,stage backline and front of house console and outboard gear all draw power from 220 source.Lights too if any!Call for details.

The stage monitor system shall consist of 4 mixes.These mixes are foldback from front of house.All mixes have EQ, compressor/limiter,power amp and floor wedge.In ear and/or monitor console can be added.Please contact Rent-A-Roadie for details.